Gitanjali Awas Yojana (Housing Scheme) & Amar Thikana Download Application form

Gitanjali Housing Scheme (Awas Yojana) & Amar Thikana Download Form & Name List 2022; West Bengal Govt. has Lanhuhed scheme for the BPL & daily labour. "Gitanjali Awas Yojana" & Amar Thikana. Through this project all the needy people of rural Bengal will be given money to build houses completely free of cost. For people who do not have their own house, even if it is broken thieves are the victims! This "Gitanjali Awas Yojana" & Amar Thikana is averaging the common man without any profit considering the hardships of storm, rain, water, cloud, rain. Detailed information for Gitanjali Housing Scheme is available at For more information such as Eligibility Criteria, age limit, Subsidy Details, how to apply, etc are given below article. 
Gitanjali Awas Yojana

The Gitanjali Housing Scheme project for West Bengal People 

  • Name Of Scheme: Gitanjali Housing Scheme & Amar Thikana Project.
  • Mention: BPL & Other 
  • Objective: To provide housing for homeless people in West Bengal
  • Family Income Per Month: Less than Rs.6,000/-
  • Subsidy amount: Rs. 75,000/- 
  • Official Website:

Benifit of Gitanjali Housing Scheme & Amar Thikana:

Mamata Banerjee, the Government of West Bengal, became the Chief Minister in 2011. Since then, she has brought a number of issues to the forefront of poverty and misery in West Bengal, such as food, clothing, food and shelter. BPL and the poor people who have a place but do not have a house, the government to help build a house up to 75,000 / - from the West Bengal government.

Under this Scheme, rural people who are homeless due to financial weakness will get help from the state government to build houses.

Under this Scheme, homeless people in the city will be able to build shelters for them.

Those who have become homeless due to various natural causes including river erosion and floods will be able to build houses through state government subsidies. Under the Gitanjali Housing Scheme & Amar Thikana, the West Bengal state government will provide about Rs. 5,000,00/-(5 lakh) houses. Those who are homeless will be able to get these houses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be a resident of West Bengal.
  • Monthly family income less than Rs 6,000.
  • Only one member from a family is eligible for the scheme.
  • The name of the applicant must be in the BPL & Other Caste. 
  • Daily labourers and adults in various occupations who fall into the category of poor can apply for municipal benefits under this Gitanjali Awas Yojana & Amar Thikana Scheme.

Required Documents:

  • Application Form for Gitanjali Scheme
  • Family Income Certificate (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Self-declaration (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of age (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of address. (Xerox Copy -'2 sets)
  • Identity proof (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of Bank A/C (Xerox Copy- 2 sets)
  • Colour passport size photograph (6 copies)
  • Adhar Card Original & Xerox Copy
  • Ration Card, Digital Card Original & Xerox Copy
  • BPL Prof
  • Land-leaflets, papers, documents where houses will be built(Certificate of land)

How to Apply for Gitanjali Scheme & Amar Thikana Project:

Those who are going to apply, if they apply as a district, they have to go to the SDO and at the sub-divisional Block level to apply for a permit at the BDO and fill out the form with a healthy document driving license.

Important Information:

  • Must fill the application from with accurate details in block latter only.
  • Remember to fill the mandatory only.
  • Submit Self-attested copy of the documents only. 
  • Must Affix the Passport size Photograph on the Application from.

Contact Detailed:

Gitanjali Official Website: or Click here

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