Mission Nirmal Bangla Abhiyan Scheme 2022 for Public Toilet Apply for www.wb.gov.in

Mission Nirmal Bangla Abhiyan Scheme for Public Toilet West Bengal government also wanted to start a project with such toilets and named it Mission Nirmal Bangla. The purpose of this project is to keep the environment clean and tidy, to promote social well-being, to encourage cleanliness, to keep human body fluids and waste products confined to certain latrines, to keep waste products in the environment so as not to pollute, and not to spread any disease to waste products. In view of these reasons, the state government has taken steps to provide free latrines to the people of the state who do not have latrines from the West Bengal government. At present Rs. 12,000 / - is being provided by the government for construction of latrines, which will benefit Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, General, APL, BPL, Daily Labour, Marginal Farmers, all poor people who do not have their own latrines at home. You can also apply for this project. Another purpose of this project is to make public toilets in School and ICDS centres, markets, bus stands, stations and some other places where there are frequent gatherings of people to reduce the spread of diseases in those places, and to make proper use of these toilets. Detailed information for Mission Nirmal Bangla Prakalpo is available at www.wb.gov.in. For more information such as Eligibility Criteria, age limit, Subsidy Details, how to apply, etc are given below article

Nirmal Bangla Abhiyan Scheme for Public Toilet

The Mission Nirmal Bangla project was briefly discussed

  • Name Of Scheme: Mission Nirmal Bangla Project.
  • Apply Mode: Online/Offline
  • State: West Bengal
  • Who are Eligible Beneficiaries: West Bengal who do not have latrine in their house
  • mention: Sc, St, OBC, APL, BPL & All poor People who lives in West Bengal
  • Objective: Adequate public toilet facilities for floating population.
  • Target Group: General
  • Official Website: www.wb.gov.in

Benefit of Mission Nirmal Bangla Ovijan Scheme Project:

  • Open Defecation Free (ODF) cities with sanitary toilets in individual households.
  • Community toilet for inmates of Households without land for toilet construction.Adequate public toilet facilities for floating population.
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management with segregation at source, 100% door to door collection, transportation with route rationalisation, treatment for production of Compost and Energy, Re-use of C&D waste and scientific disposal of other inert material. The ultimate vision is Waste Vat-less cities.
  • Generation of adequate public awareness aimed at sustainable behavioural change.
  • Building up capacities of State and ULB level functionaries associated with the implementation of the programme.

Eligibility Criteria for Mission Nirmal Bangla Ovijan Scheme Project:

The applicants must be the resident of West Bengal. All the poor people irrespective of caste, creed and caste who do not have toilet or latrine are eligible to apply for this mission in Nirmal Bangla.

How to apply for Mission Nirmal Bangla Ovijan Project:

To apply offline, go to the Panchayat or BDO office in the block, collect the form, fill the form, then add all the documents and submit the form to the office.

For Online Apply:

  1. Go to https: www.wb.in
  2. Open the contact page.
  3. Locate the name of your district in Bengal.
  4. Contact district Information & Cultural Affairs Department for Lok Prasar Prakalpo Scheme application.

Next Target For Mission Nirmal Bangla in 2021-22:

In 2021-22, it is planned to strengthen the communication interventions further to sustain the newly acquired ODF status in all districts. 7,21,367 nos. of Individual Household Latrines of new emerging household and 2469 additional Community Sanitary Complexes are to be constructed in various Gram Panchayats. Also, 512 additional Gram Panchayats are to be extended with scientific solid and liquid waste disposal facilities. Target for setting up of 10 (ten) Faecal Sludge Management systems and 9 (nine) GOBAR Gas projects has also been taken. Apart from this, a mechanism for mid-term evaluation of ODF sustenance in different districts have been contemplated during this year.

Required Documents:

  • Application Form for Mission Nirmal Bangla Ovijan Scheme
  • Family Income Certificate (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Self-declaration (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of age (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of address. (Xerox Copy -'2 sets)
  • Identity proof (Xerox Copy - 2 sets)
  • Photocopy of proof of Bank A/C (Xerox Copy- 2 sets)
  • Colour passport size photograph (6 copies)
  • Aadhar Card Original & Xerox Copy
  • Ration Card, Digital Card Original & Xerox Copy
  • BPL Prof
  • Land-leaflets, papers, documents where houses will be built(Certificate of land)

Important Information:

  • Must fill the application from with accurate details in block latter only.
  • Remember to fill the mandatory only.
  • Submit Self-attested copy of the documents only. 
  • Must Affix the Passport size Photograph on the Application from.

Mission Nirmal Bangla Scheme Official Website: http://wbprd.nic.in,  http://braiprd.org.in

Contact numbers: 033-2680-2681

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